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Week of 10 January 1949

Monday, 10 January

Langley Rise

A fairly good night, and a good day. Felt more myself than I have done yet. Miss Bryant gave me a leg massage.

Camilla Wybrants came and sat with me before supper. She turns out to be great friend of Mr Carter (Anne's neighbour), also many links with St Martin's and is very intimate with the Pat McCormick family.

Tuesday, 11 January

A very lovely day, and I felt well and peaceful.

Miss Jörgensen gave me my first head treatment which I found very pleasant and we had a very nice and helpful talk. I slept most of the afternoon. After tea the nurse sat and chatted with me whilst she did her knitting.

Wednesday, 12 January

GH had been going to give me a treatment at 9 am but rang up to say his car had broken down. Miss Jörgensen gave me a wonderful treatment for my head in the evening and I got dressed for the first time and went down to see the nativity mime. Very artistically done but somehow I felt very depressed.

Thursday, ­13 January

Not a particularly good night, but I felt well today and everything was pleasant. Another very interesting treatment from Miss Jörgensen on my legs and feet - and a delightful visit from Alice Parsons who came and had tea with me.

Friday, 14 January

I had a good night but felt more tired and depressed than yesterday. I was supposed to be having GH at 9 o'clock so was ready betimes, but there had been a muddle and he did not come till 12 o'clock. He was with me only a very short time. Hardly a treatment. But very nice. He does not want me to go out yet.

Lil rang up tonight to tell me that Toini has got a job, and I went in to the office and spoke to her on the phone.

3rd interview with GH

Saturday, 15 January

I had a better night without soneryl, but woke feeling jaded and remained tired and depressed all day, till evening when I cheered up.

It was a solitary day for nurse who was in bed with migraine, Miss Jörgensen up in town and I had no visitors. Miss Bryant gave me a treatment; it was a head rolling exercise supposed to be good for sleep.

Sunday, 16 January

I had a much better night, woke feeling more rested, and altogether have had the best day yet - calm and more confident, and enjoyed an assortment of reading, and sent off some letters.

Miss Jörgensen came and sat with me for half an hour before supper and we had a very nice talk.

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