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Week of 17 January 1949

Monday, 17 January

Langley Rise

Not nearly so nice a day in any respect. Sunless as regards weather and as regards nervous exhaustion, the worst I have had here. I had a bad night which has probably something to do with it. Miss Jörgensen gave me a lovely treatment before lunch, but in spite of it I had no sleep in the afternoon.

Miss Stevens sat with me after tea and Miss Bryant after supper. More than I felt inclined for, but one has no say in the matter.

Tuesday, 18 January

A wonderful night's sleep with 2 soneryl and such a very pleasant day. GH gave me the best treatment yet and thought me better. He very much approves of Reg coming to stay here and also approves of my hiring a wireless.

Nice letters, nice books, nice weather, altogether a very nice day.

4th interview with GH.

Wednesday, 19 January

This has been a distinctly drooky day and a very long one as I woke soon after 4 am. Doris Welsh massaged my leg this morning and Miss Jörgensen paid me a short visit before supper, but otherwise I had no-one.

Thursday, ­20 January

A good night but I felt terribly tired all the morning. Miss Mortimer came and gave me a kind of talk-treatment which I found rather a trial though I am sure she has a lot to teach one.

In the afternoon Alice Parsons came to see me and brought me a lovely selection of books. She gave me a great description of Jill Howe's coming of age party. I loved having her.

A wireless has been installed by my bed and I listened in to Truman's inauguration and to a concert. I'm very glad to have it.

Miss Bryant came in before supper.

Friday, 21 January

Had a very good night of natural sleep and woke feeling a flicker of energy!

Miss Jörgensen gave me a fine treatment. "Back Passive".

GH came soon after 5 pm. I had been feeling very nervous about it and told him so. And he went into the whys and wherefores. A very nice interview.

5th interview with GH

Saturday, 22 January

A very lovely sunny day and I would have liked to go out, but I had had a very short night so nurse said no.

Doris Welsh gave me a pleasant leg massage in the morning.

Otherwise a very uneventful day but not restive though very tired.

Sunday, 23 January

I took 2 Soneryl and had a lovely night, and took my first turn round the garden just before lunch. The sun came out and it was lovely to be out of doors and I did not feel very shaky, though a few minutes was long enough.

No treatment or callers today, but I had plenty of reading and the time did not drag.

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