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Week of 24 January 1949

Monday, 24 January

Langley Rise

A quite good night though I woke early. Miss Jörgensen gave me a splendid head treatment in the morning.

Lil arrived at 4.45 and stayed a good 2 hours. I enjoyed it very much. She thought me looking a lot better. I thought she looked very tired but not at all ill.

GH had driven her down and was seeing a couple of patients here, and then he drove her on to their house where she was spending the night and driving back with him tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 25 January

A fairly good night and I definitely feel better. Miss Mortimer came and gave me an arm treatment - she certainly knows her job - also an ethical talk at the same time which I found trying chiefly on account of the manner as one can't fall foul of the matter.

Rested till 3 o'clock and then dressed and went out for a few minutes - felt more shaky than on Sunday.

Had my tea in my clothes before going back to bed. Winifred Steevens came in for a talk before supper.

Wednesday, 26 January

A very short night but my brain was worrying over my coming talk with GH. He came about 10.45 and I think I have never had a more helpful time with him. It left me very thankful though naturally very tired.

I rested all the afternoon and have not been up at all. Miss Jörgensen came and gave me a lesson on head rolling and arm stretching. I like her more and more.

6th interview with GH

Thursday, ­27 January

I had a good night and woke feeling more refreshed. Nice post. Went down to the studio for the rhythm class - just as an onlooker. Very interested. Lunched in my room and afterwards went for a very little walk up the road. Disappointed to feel so good for nothing. But Miss Jörgensen  who has been sitting with me this evening (just a social call) tells me that is absolutely to be expected and it will come all right.

Friday, 28 January

GH saw me at 9.30. A short but very satisfactory treatment.

Mabel arrived by bus about 2.30. She would have been earlier but for the fog. She left again after an early tea. It was very nice seeing her after 4 weeks. She thought I looked tired but better. She was looking well and in good spirits.

Winifred Steevens came and sat with m this evening.

7th interview with GH.

Saturday, 29 January

Had a very good night without Soneryl. Miss Mortimer gave me an arm treatment in the morning. I expect she is an excellent masseuse but there is too much uplift for my taste. I rested after lunch and got up about 3 o'clock and walked down to the post office. Felt rather less tottery than last time. Came up to tea and then walked round the garden and watched the sunset.

Miss Bryant came up after supper and insisted on reading aloud! Nurse came later; a much pleasanter visitor!

Sunday, 30 January

After listening in to the service I had my bath and dressed and took a short walk with Doris Welsh down at the back of the garden and back by King's Langley. I did not feel so tired as last time. Stayed up for lunch and then went back to bed. Miss Jörgensen came in before supper and we had a very nice talk.

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