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Week of 31 January 1949

Monday, 31 January 1949

Langley Rise

A good night and a fine day. GH saw me before 10 am - quite a short interview but a very helpful one on the Polyphoto theme. After resting I went down to the village before lunch and got a penholder and nibs.

Got back to bed again after lunch and soon afterwards Enid arrived. She thought me looking very much better. I got up again for tea which we had in my room, and afterwards walked down and saw her off by the bus.

8th interview with GH

Tuesday, 1 February

I did not sleep quite so well as I had a sore eye but nurse gave it a good irrigation with boracie this morning and again tonight.

Miss Mortimer gave me a good leg treatment in the morning.

I got up at 2.30 and went into the village and back by Vicarage Lane. Went to bed about 6 o'clock.

Wednesday, 2 February

A very nice day in every way (except for a sty in my eye which nurse has been irrigating). I had a good night and then a very nice though quite short time with GH. Then walked up to Langley Common to see the meet. Then watched a class given by Miss Jörgensen. Lunched by my fire and then went to bed. Got up again after my tea and walked down to the canal.

9th (or 1st) interview with GH (quite short).

Thursday, 3 February

Slept pretty well in spite of my eye which is better but I can't use it much. A lovely day but cold and I decided to stay in bed and give my eye a chance. Miss Jörgensen have me a very good "private lesson".

I slept after lunch and Reg arrived at 4 o'clock , had tea with me and stayed about 2 hours. Very nice, and he thought me looking better than he expected. I thought him looking very poorly with a nasty cough, but he is pleased with his quarters at The Brewers, Chipperfield.

Friday, 4 February

I had a splendid night with 2 Soneryl and my eye is much better though not right.

I took a walk over the field in the morning and then watched a eurythmic class given by Winifred Steevens. Went back to bed after lunch and was up again and ready for Reg at 4 o'clock. We had tea in the XVI century cottage and walked down to the canal and home by the church afterwards. He caught the 5.55 bus back to Chipperfield.

Maud Wetherett came in after supper and showed me photos of her modelling.

Saturday, 5 February

I walked by the towpath past the Ovaltine factory and came back to watch Miss Jörgensen's class. Went back to bed after lunch till Reg arrived about 4 o'clock when we went down to the XVI century cottage and afterwards walked along the towpath in the opposite direction. In the evening Miss Jörgensen came up and we had a very nice talk.

Sunday, 6 February

Another lovely morning of frost and sun but I did not feel quite so well, and have a boil under the armpit which nurse dressed for me after breakfast. Reg arrived at 11.30 having walked over from Chipperfield, and we started off at 12.15 by bus to Berkhampstead where we lunched at the King's Arms. A very nice trust house where we had an aperitif and a quite good lunch. Came back soon afterwards, arriving 3 o'clock. Reg and I both felt tired, and he went straight back to the Two Brewers. I took a short rest and then went down for tea in the Studio but went to bed immediately afterwards. Miss Jörgensen came for a little while.

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