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Week of 14 February 1949

Monday, 14 February 1949

Langley Rise

GH was here in the morning but did not see me. I had a short "spinal" lesson from Miss Bryant in the morning room, and then went in for the latter part of Doris Welsh's class.

Mabel arrived about 2.30 and we had a very nice afternoon together. We had tea at the 16th century cottage and then walked down by the canal. Then back here for a talk before she started to catch her bus, but had to come back because she had forgotten her umbrella.

Tuesday, 15 February
Miss J├Ârgensen gave me a long private lesson in the morning, after which I dressed to be ready for Alice Parsons who arrived soon after 12.30. She drove me to the Commonwood? Club of which she is a member where we had an excellent lunch and a long talk afterwards. Then we went on a most lovely drive all along the Chess Valley. I greatly enjoyed it. On our return we had tea at the 16th century cottage, and after she had gone home, I went a walk on the towpath in the Berkhamsted direction. My longest outing but I felt less tired than when I started.

Wednesday, 16 February

I had a nice and helpful treatment from GH in the morning. In the afternoon I rang up Lil and fixed up that she should come down tomorrow. She told me that Mabel was in bed with flu and had had to put off going to Shaftesbury. I took the bus to Russell's Nurseries and walked along the towpath to Cassiobury path, and then walked through the park to Watford Town Hall (a good hour's walk) and then bussed home. I then rang up Mab and heard that Atkinson had been, but was not coming again.

GH 3rd interview.

Thursday, 17 February

I had a hand and arm treatment (class) from Miss Carr. Lil arrived soon after lunch, looking splendid. We had a long talk first while I rested and then a little walk by the canal before tea in the 16th century cottage. Then back here for a little and I saw her off by a 5.30 bus.

Friday, 18 February

I had an interview with GH in the morning (completely impersonal - his Buddhist boat lecture) but very helpful and interesting.

Then a first class rhythm lecture in the morning room from Winifred Steevens.

Saturday, 19 February

I attended Joan Welsh's class in the morning and after lunch took a bus to Tring with the idea of walking along the towpath but the town is a long way from the canal so I bussed back to Cow? Roast, and walked along the canal for half an hour but it was rough going and I felt very tired, so I bussed back to Berkhamsted and had tea at the King's Arms. Then bussed home, thoroughly overtired and went straight to bed.

Sunday, 20 February

I took Soneryl and slept beautifully but woke very overtired so I gave up my plan of going to church and kept to bed all day. Miss J├Ârgensen came in in the evening and gave me some leg treatment. She said they were very tense. Enid rang up after supper and told me about her visit to Troughend, and Anne's suggestion of bringing up Miss Warner if she and Sarah came to settle me in at the Hamilton.

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