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Week of 21 February 1949

Monday, 21 February 1949

Langley Rise

I woke with a cold and stayed in bed till after tea. Doris Welsh gave me heat treatment for my right hand which is feeble and sometimes painful.

In the evening Miss Jörgensen gave me a private lesson on the spinal rhythm.

Tuesday, 22 February
My cold was heavy and I stayed in bed all day and had no treatment, but Miss Jörgensen came and had a talk with me before supper.

Wednesday, 23 February

My cold still hanging around so I did not get up. I had my last treatment from GH this morning, a very nice one.

Maud Everett came in before supper to show me the painted wooden figures she had made for the crib. Nurse has been in bed all day with migraine. Later Miss Jörgensen came and gave me a spinal lesson.

GH 3rd interview.

Thursday, 24 February

My cold still hanging around so I did not dress till after tea, and afterwards cleared up papers etc. Miss Jörgensen took me round to see Hillmead. Her room is charming. I met Miss Bryant there and said goodbye.

In the morning Miss Jörgensen gave me a most helpful lesson on the spinal exercise.

Friday, 25 February

Langley Rise - Christ's Hospital

A lovely morning for my last, but woke feeling seedy. A rush to get packed as GH sent a message for me to be ready at 11.30. Actually we did not leave till 12 o'clock. He dropped me at Chiltern Court where I lunched, and then I met Lil and collected my luggage at Harley St, and taxied to Victoria where I caught the 3.18 train.

Pippa and Nicky met me at Horsham and I drove out in the new car. After tea I unpacked and went to bed feeling very tired, and some cold still hanging around.

Reg rang up and Pippa told him I had arrived all right.

Saturday, 26 February

Christ's Hospital

Took 2 Soneryl and had a lovely night, but I still feel tired and poorly, and decided to stay all day in bed.

I have not seen Oswald yet as he is away till tomorrow.

Pippa seems to be getting a cold. She has taken Nicky this evening to see the film of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Sunday, 27 February

Reg fetched me at 11.30 and I had lunch and tea with him at the farm. Everything very nice, and I enjoyed it. He dropped me back here about 6 o'clock. I went to evening chapel. W Turner (late headmaster at Marlborough) preached and came back for supper. I came to bed soon after supper. Phoned Anne and we fixed up that she should come to the Hamilton on March 15th.

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