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Week of 14 March 1949

Monday, 14 March 1949

Christ's Hospital

Oswald and Pippa out for bridge tonight.

Tuesday, 15 March

A gorgeous day, and I was able to sit out for a little in front of the dining hall. Reg drove round for about half an hour after 6 o'clock and we sat in Oswald's study. I feel definitely better than I have done yet, less poisoned.

Rang up Mabel in the evening and heard that Anne and Miss Warren had arrived and had been hard at work at the Hamilton.

Wednesday, 16 March

Christ's Hospital - 47 Hamilton Terrace

After lunch Pips drove me to Horsham and I caught the 2.45 train to Victoria. Got home soon after 4 o'clock. Found Anne and Miss Warren hard at it. They had done wonders with the house which had been in an awful state. We all then had tea together and then I rested.

Miss W went to friends in the evening so Anne and I had supper alone.

Thursday, 17 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

After tea, Anne put in the plants from CH and I came out into the garden.

Enid has left her house for 25 weeks at 14 guineas. Lil down with flu at Freda's.

Saturday, 19 March

An eventful day. Mrs Owens who was due today wrote to say she was not coming! Much discussion as to what to do. Eventually Anne decided to stay up with Sarah over the weekend, and Mrs Trafford will then come and sleep here with Alan for 2 or 3 days, by which time I shall I hope have found someone.

Lil is laid up with bronchitis at Freda's and has cancelled her visit to Anne. Enid's let is off to her great distress. Altogether not a good day for the family.

I am feeling much better.

Sunday, 20 March

Anne and Sarah went to the Catholic Church nearby, and I went to St John's Chapel for morning service and stayed for Sung Eucharist.

In the afternoon A and S went to Blackheath to have tea with Lady Fyfe, Margaret and Lucy, and I had tea with Lucy and Amy Birch.

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