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Week of 7 March 1949

Monday, 7 March 1949

Elmhurst Farm

The morning was leaden with more snow forecast so Reg advised me not to go up to town. He rang up Enid and she arranged to interview Mrs Owen for me, and she rang up to say she has engaged her to come to me on Saturday 19th.

I stayed in bed most of the morning but after lunch Reg drove me up the West Drive and I walked back by the other one. I am feeling definitely better today than I have done since leaving Langley Rise.

Tuesday, 8 March
Horie was out here. Reg took me in to Horsham in the morning to get my hair washed and waved at Josephs. I went back to bed after lunch and stayed there till 8 o'clock when I dressed and came down to supper.

Wednesday, 9 March

Just before supper Reg drove me down to the cow byre to see it flood lit - a very pretty sight. I am feeling much better today.

Thursday, 10 March

Horie here again today. He and I talked about a letter Reg had had from Renate which had upset him a lot. I walked once around the garden but found that more than enough. Reg had been going take me over to the Murphys to see Barry's new dachshund, but I did not feel up to it and he is off colour too. Psychological.

Friday, 13 March

We had an early lunch and afterwards Mr Laker and Mrs Douglas came to store some of their furniture in their hall. They then took off Reg with them to inspect a caravan which they have bought and they are going to camp out in one of his fields till they can find another house.

Saturday, 12 March

Elmhurst Farm - Christ's Hospital

Came down to breakfast, packed afterwards and Reg drove me over to CH about 11 o'clock. Pips turned up from Horsham soon afterwards. I came down for lunch but went to bed soon afterwards. It seemed best especially as there was a good deal of coming and going here all day - the school council down and a play in the evening.

I rang Anne up after supper and heard she had been taking M and B, but she says she is all right again now.

Sunday, 13 March

Christ's Hospital

Pippa took me down to the infirmary about 11 o'clock and Dr Scott looked at my arm and said it was a large deep abscess which would need constant dressing, and he would have liked to take me in there as I would be much better in bed but they had no private ward. We fixed up that Pips should drive me down again in the afternoon and evening which she did, and I felt more comfortable. Mr Tugman, Dean of Bloemfontein was here and preached in the evening, but of course I could not go. He is very pleasant and easy. Mr Edwardes also dined.

I rang up Lil, Anne and Reg.

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