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Week of 21 March 1949

Monday, 21 March 1949

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Sarah left at 9.30 and Mrs Trafford came soon afterwards and stayed till after lunch.

Mabel went down to see Lil this afternoon. She found her very depressed and pulled down, but she cheered up later and has arranged to go to Shaftesbury on Wednesday in a hospital car.

Tuesday, 22 March

I spent the whole morning telephoning for a maid - result nil.

Pips, Anne and Wilma have all rung me up this evening - a record. Mrs Trafford is not able to sleep here tonight as her father-in-law has been run over by a lorry.

Wednesday, 23 March

Mabel and I lunched together at the Clifton Restaurant. Afterwards I rested, and then I went to the Curzon Cinema to see Goupi Mains Rouges. I did not care for it and left before the end.

Thursday, 24 March

Went to Regina Hunt and Massie Agencies. No result except that Massie told me a Swedish maid would be coming to see me at 1.30. This she did - Margit Edelborg - aged 83 [surely not?] - 1 year reference in London. I rang up Mr Edling, 59 Draycott Place SW3, and he gave me a very good reference, so I hope she will come in to me on Saturday at a wage of £2-10-0.

Friday, 25 March

A lovely day but a very hectic one, interviewing three maids. Have finally engaged a Mrs Hickey to come in tomorrow. An RC widow from Tipperary - full of qualms! Yet another let of Enid's has fallen through!

Saturday, 26 March

Enid came to tea and stayed for supper as she would not leave before Mrs Hickey arrived. She was due at 5 o'clock but it was nearly 8 o'clock before she arrived. Mrs Trafford was here and showed her round. Enid quite liked her, and I think she may be all right.

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