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Week of 28 February 1949

Monday, 28 February 1949

Christ's Hospital

I sat out on the verandah before lunch in blazing sunshine. Rested in the afternoon, and walked round the Short Mile after tea.

Tuesday, 1 March
Drove to Horsham in morning with Pippa and Honor Sergeant. Not much luck in the shopping line.

Lil rang up in the evening to say that she and Enid had interviewed a possible maid for me, a Mrs Owen.

Wednesday, 2 March

I felt a wretched shape

Thursday, 3 March

I felt a wretched shape all day. I had had a poor night which may have had something to do with it.

Friday, 4 March

Pippa and Oswald and the 2 maids started off at 9.30 for Staines and only got back at 7.30. I got up late and did not stir out all day, but felt better than yesterday..

Saturday, 5 March

I had an appointment to get my hair shampooed and waved but cancelled for a variety of reasons.

The Bishop of Chichester and Mrs Bell turned up at 11.30, and the Confirmation Service took place immediately afterwards. In the evening the chaplain came to dinner and I enjoyed the evening.

Sunday, 6 March

Christ's Hospital - Elmhurst Farm

All the others went to 10 o'clock Communion where the Bishop officiated but I did not feel up to it.

Packed after breakfast and Reg fetched me soon after 12 o'clock. Snow thawing rapidly. he had the house beautifully warm and comfortable. I am in Joan's room and use the lounge next door - quite a flat.

I rested after lunch and did not go out again. Enid rang up in the evening to suggest that I should not come up tomorrow as arranged but we left it open.

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