Thursday, 30 September 2010

Week of 28 March 1949

Monday, 28 March 1949

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bets rang up after supper. Hester in bed, presumably flu - and Mary too. Bet very doubtful whether she will be able to come up next Monday and meet Awly to get her clothes before seeing her off to France on Thursday. All a great muddle.

I am feeling better today.

Tuesday, 29 March

My birthday. I am 73. Lots of family letters and presents and a large painting of "Lower Hall Farm and its Inhabitants" by Hester.

Ellen Hickey is doing well and I am feeling more hopeful.

Rang up Pips and Bet. Philippa is back and the mumps scare was a false alarm. Hester is still in bed with a high temp, but Mary the maid is up and about again.

Wednesday, 30 March

Shopped in the morning and Wilma arrived before 4 o'clock, and after a quick tea we went down to Clifton Road to buy drinks and afterwards worked in the garden and made a big bonfire. After supper we rang up Anne and then Margaret Mabey.

Thursday, 31 March

Rang up Bet and got better news of Hester. Pips rang up and asked me to have Nicky for a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon on her way through to Eggarton.

Friday, 1 April

Reg slept here

I had tea out of door (on the verandah) for the first time this year. Reg turned up soon after 6 o'clock and we had a long talk before supper and read afterwards. He thought me looking very well and I certainly feel wonderfully better.

Saturday, 2 April

Reg slept here

Reg was out for lunch but came back for tea.

Sunday, 3 April

Jane phoned at 8 o'clock to say Horie had been taken ill in the night and Reg went down to Brighton. He phoned in the evening to say it was not a stroke as we had feared but the doctor was puzzled.

I went to church in the morning, and after lunch to the Albert Hall to hear the Bach Choir give the St Matthew Passion Music.

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