Friday, 1 October 2010

Week of 4 April 1949

Monday, 4 April 1949

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet, Hester and Awly slept here

A long morning fetching blankets from Margaret Thompson and fixing up the lodger's room for Betty. She, Hester and Awly arrived about 7 o'clock. The 2 girls are sleeping upstairs. Hester looks seedy and has a violent nose bleed!

Ellen Hickey's sister is dying and Ellen and her daughter and 2 sisters are all going back to Tipperary on Thursday. I don't know if she will come back again. A dreadful knock!

Tuesday, 5 April

Bet, Hester and Awly slept here

Bet and Awly went off hopping after breakfast and got back about 3.30, and Nicky turned up soon after, and we all had tea in the dining room (potato cakes and ├ęclairs).

Bet, Hester and Awly saw her off at Paddington at 6 o'clock and then went to a news reel before returning for supper.

Mrs Trafford came to see me and arranged to come every afternoon to clean the house whilst Ellen is away. Reg rang up with very good news of Horie.

Wednesday, 6 April

Bet, Hester and Awly slept here

B, H and A did some very successful shopping and then met a school friend of Hester's at Lyon's Corner House, and went on to see Angelina at the Academy.

Got home for tea. Hester has a horrid cough.

Thursday, 7 April

Bet, Hester and Awly slept here

B, H and A completed their shopping and in the afternoon H and A met Bill Howson at the Lansdowne Club where he was playing racquets. Bet went to Thomas Cook and afterwards to Miss Runting, chiropodist. Lobster for supper!

Friday, 8 April

B, H and A departed at 9 o'clock in an Alliance Car. Awly was seen into the Golden Arrow train and then B and H went on to Liverpool St en route for Anne where they are sleeping the night.

Saturday, 9 April

After tea I went down to Piccadilly Circus and located St Anne's House, Dean St.

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