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Week of 11 April 1949

Monday, 11 April 1949
47 Hamilton Terrace
After lunch saw Head, builder, and decided that my house should be done the same as Lord Normanby's - cream and black.
Had tea with General and Mrs Davies, and after supper saw a Mrs Deplato, a White Russian, about taking my room. Nothing actually decided but I think she will come.
Tuesday, 12 April
Went to Kathleen Hill for supper. Afterwards we went to the Mercury Theatre to see Stone in the Midst. A very poignant and well acted play (the occupation of England by Germany). Hot bread and milk when I return to my empty house.
Wednesday, 13 April
Rang up Maureen Hickey and heard that she was not back and her mistress told me that she had definitely decided to give her notice. Altogether a very unsatisfactory account of both mother and daughter.
Went to Blackheath where Cyril, Margaret and Lucy Mabey met me in their car. The Fyfe's house is charming. Sir William was there but Lady Fyfe and Christopher had gone up to a play.
Thursday, 14 April
I had a letter from Ellen Hickey to say she will be back tomorrow.
Friday, 15 April
Spent most of the morning Expecting Ellen Hickey from Ireland, but she did not turn up. After an early lunch I bussed to St John's Wood Chapel for the latter part of the Three Hour Service. I was disappointed.

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