Friday, 10 December 2010

Week of 25 July 1949

Monday, 25 July 1949
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne and Sarah left here
My new morning help (Mrs Taylor) came for first time and seems quite all right and nice.
Anne and Sarah turned up soon after 8 o’clock . A very long day but they both looked well.
Tuesday, 26 July
Philippa and James turned up at 12 o’clock and Pippa followed in time for a 1 o’clock lunch. They left immediately afterwards. Anne went to meet Mr Brammall (Bram) at Liverpool St Station and they spent the afternoon together, turning up here soon after 6. They remained till 8.30 drinks and then a tête à tête talk in the garden. Later they went off and dined together. Margaret Thompson and the children came here for tea.
Thursday, 28 July
Joan Bruce arrived about 11.30. Anne took her and Sarah to the Horse Show. They took a sandwich lunch with them.
A and S got back here about 6.30, and George and Charmian turned up soon after 6 o’clock for drinks.
Joan went on to Mabel for tea and then on to cinema with Mabel’s Ellen.
Reg rang up to say his case will be heard tomorrow.
Sunday, 31 July
Reg rang up in the evening. Yesterday had been a horrid day telling Joan, Denis? and Law? about the divorce. Joan had cried a lot but seemed all right today.

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