Sunday, 28 November 2010

Week of 4 July 1949

Monday, 4 July
Lower Hall Farm - Troughend
Lil slept at Hamilton Terrace
Left at 10.30. Pont drove me as far as Hadleigh where he had to see a solicitor. I then hired a car and arrived here before lunch. We had a quick lunch as Anne and Sarah had to catch a bus to Colchester for the ballet class. I would have liked to cme but was too tired. My rest was interrupted by Pont who came over very done in after an unsatisfatory interview with the solicitor. I restored him with strong tea and eventually he went on to Lula Rees Jones.
Tuesday, 5 July
Lil slept at Hamilton Terrace
We haymaked a little after tea. Mr Brammall who poultry farms with Mr Holgate up the road came in. I thought him rather attractive. I had heard of him from Lil. No doubt out at all that he is very much attracted by A.
Wednesday, 6 July
Lil, Bet and Marie-Noelle slept at Hamilton Terrace
A much colder day and we had a fire for the Milroys who came over for tea.
Lula Rees Jones came in for elevenses and Mr Brammall was in and out!
Thursday, 7 July
A happy day except for feeling so tired. We walked up to get some chicken manure from Mr Brammall and saw over his poultry farm. Mrs Holgate took me over the house - rather attractive.
Friday, 8 July
Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Packed and picked flowers and Mr Brammall was in and out.
After lunch I drove to Colchester and caught the 2.15 train to Liverpool St. Got home at 4.30 and found the house beautifully clean, and Ellen (and Maureen!) here to welcome me.


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