Saturday, 27 November 2010

Week of 27 June 1949

Tuesday, 28 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Wilma arrived soon after 12 o'clock in great looks and bringing flowers, eggs, bacon and a huge basket of strawberries. We had an early lunch, and afterwards (bearing strawberries) she went down to visit Enid and Mab, and afterwards down to Blackheath to have tea with the Mabeys. She got back in time for a late supper and caught the 9.50 train back to Oxford.

Wednesday, 29 June

Shopped in Oxford St this morning and got presents to take down to the children at Lower Hall Farm and Troughend.

Margaret Thompson came for a picnic tea in the garden and shared it with me on the loggia.

Friday, 1 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Lower Hall Farm

Busy packing all morning. Caught 3.40 train at Liverpool St station. Changed at Ipswich. Reached Halesworth at 6.30 where Bet met me in their old car. It had been a lovely journey along the river Deben. Great welcome at the Farm from Pont and 5 children, ranging from Hester to John who is a delightful baby. Everyone looked well and happy and the house could be delightful if there was any money to spend on it which there is not! Went with Bet to collect eggs. I felt very tired.

Saturday, 2 July

Lower Hall Farm

Lil slept at Hamilton Terrace

A happy day with them all. Watched the milking - mechanical. They have 7 cows, 8 calves, 7 boars, 1 Suffolk Punch, 3 paid hands. Pont and Hester do the milking - acreage (I think) 350.

Sunday, 3 July

Lil slept at Hamilton Terrace

Another glorious day and we sat out a lot, but rather disastrous from the farming point of view. Electric engine wouldn't work. Pump not functioning. Calves escaped. Pont dead to the world after an almost sleepless night.



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