Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Week of 28 November 1949

Tuesday, 29 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Went to the Hyde Park Hotel for a tea party given by Alice Parsons and her sister Rose McClintock. Wore my diamond brooch which I had got out from the bank with some other jewellery. It was all well done but a bit dull.

Wednesday, 30 November

Reg slept here

Daphne Pemberton came in after lunch for an hour. A pc from Anne this morning to say that she had got mumps, but she is not in bed. I sent her down a couple of books from Harrods. Rang up this evening and had a talk with Bram.

Friday, 2 December 

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elfinsward, Haywards Heath

Bussed down to Victoria and met Lil and travelled down to Haywards Heath by the 4.25 train. Had tea in the Pullman Car. Met the Stevens and Wethered sisters from Langley Rise. Met Eric and Mrs Macaulay before dinner. Afterwards very good lectures from both.

Saturday, 3 December

Elfinsward, Haywards Heath

GH came for drinks in Lil's bedroom before supper. He and MM had given excellent lectures. After dinner we had a dancing recital by Peggy Rowlands; mostly negro spirituals.

Sunday, 4 December

Elfinsward - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Eric at his very best this morning. MM too. Lil has received many bouquets (metaphorically).

We all travelled up by the 5.14 train. Lil unfortunately left her purse with all its belongings on the platform at Haywards Heath which meant delay at Victoria. But she got it back and I was able to finance her.

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