Sunday, 13 March 2011

Week of 26 December 1949

Monday, 26 December 1949

1 Pelham Place

Busy in morning helping Mabel with her Boxing Day lunch to which Lil is coming. Gertrude is quite inadequate and we should fare badly if it were not for Winnie in the basement. Bet's cockerel was excellent.

Thursday 29 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept well and felt better. Went to Mrs Lines registry in the morning and interviewed a Mrs Murray who came to see me in the afternoon but her reference was quite unsatisfactory.

Later, Lines sent me a German girl - Christa Senftleven - aged 35 - and I have engaged her to come next Tuesday. I liked her very much. She speaks excellent English.

Friday, 30 December

Got a batch of family letters describing their Christmasses. No casualties thank goodness.

Saturday, 31 December

A lot of New Year telephoning in the evening.


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