Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Week of 9 January 1950

Monday, 9 January 1950

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shufie? Thompson came to tea and stayed for over two hours. Rather more talk than I care for.

Tuesday, 10 January

Nicky slept here

Nicky turned up soon after 12 and we had an early lunch and then bussed to Empress Hall to see Cinderella on Ice - a really first class show. After dinner we listened to The Lady with the Lamp which Nicky really enjoyed.

Wednesday, 11 January

Nicky and I shopped in Oxford St and then she went to my dentist. After lunch I saw her off at Paddington by the 2.15 train. She was very controlled but I think felt a bit low.

In the evening I went to the carol recital at St John's Wood Chapel. It was very good.

Saturday, 14 January

Heard from Bet this morning that Pont had been taken ill on Wednesday night with violent pain, vomiting etc and had been taken by ambulance to Halesworth Hospital, but was better when she wrote. I rang up this evening and got a much better account.

Philippa is staying in town with Lady Reading and came and had tea with me in the afternoon.

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