Friday, 22 April 2011

Week of 23 January 1950

Monday 23 January 1950

47 Hamilton Terrace

Convalescent and came downstairs about 12 o'clock. Eve came to lunch with me and was a capital tonic.

Miss Raymond is engaged to be married and has given in her notice at the hospital so I shall be needing a new lodger in about a month's time.

Wednesday, 25 January

I have begun to practise again lately.

Saturday, 28 January

In the evening Olivia Raymond came up and introduced her fiancée Ivan Buchanan. We had drinks and cigarettes. Very pleasant.

Sunday, 29 January

Christa had a friend  (Fraulein Leise) to lunch and brought her back in the evening.They had been to Burlingotn House and had had tea at the Ritz.

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