Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wednesday, 29 March 1950

47 Hamilton Terrace

A cold sunless day. My birthday. Aged 74! All my children and sisters had remembered me with letters and presents and Bet phoned me in the evening with a much better account of them all.

Reg left early. Pips and Nicky came to lunch and brought charming flowers. Mabel came to tea, looking terribly tired. I felt very well.

Saturday, 1 April 

I went to Miss Dunlop's 2 meditations and had a picnic lunch in the Park between the two but it was too cold to be pleasant. Brought back Phyllis Stevens and Maud Wethered with me, but only Maud could stay for tea. Christa was away all day with Geraldine for the Boat Race and Kew Gardens.

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