Thursday, 12 January 2012

Week of 2 January 1951

Tuesday, 2 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa arrived for a very late luncheon before dashing off to Miss Runting. Philippa turned up later from Manchester. She had been in bed with a temp of 103 but did not look too badly. Oswald arrived soon after and took her to Victoria. In the evening I rang up Bet. Barnaby is still in the Halesworth hospital but better. Reg rang up. He is still running a temp but keeps going.

Wednesday, 3 January

The Hagedorns and Warwick Davies came to tea which we had i nthe dining room. Very pleasant and they greatly admired the house.

Friday, 5 January

Pippa rang up and told me that Philippa who has been having four hourly does of M & B is better, and the doctor is hopeful that she can start tomorrow on the 1st lap of their West Indian tour.

Saturday, 6 January

Pippa and Philippa arrived at 4 o'clock, Philippa still looking far from well and not able to eat any of the nice tea I had prepared for them.

Oswald arrived at 5 o'clock with a taxi and took them off to Fenchurch St Station en route for Tilbury where they board a boat for Rotterdam. I am afraid they will have a tossing.

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