Thursday, 12 January 2012

Week of 8 January 1951

Monday, 8 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Lil came to lunch. Later I took Erna to the LCC Institute to arrange about classes. Sulky devil!! 

An evening of telephoning. Anne is in bed and the doctor says she would be mad to come up to town at present. So Bram will bring Sarah up tomorrow and Awly is going down tonight to look after Anne. I also rang up LHF. Pont is seedy, and no-one up to much, barring Hester.

Wednesday, 10 January

After lunch, I took Sarah to the Walt Disney film of Cinderella - a very poor show I thought. Rang up Awly this evening and heard a good account of Anne.

Thursday, 11 January

Nicky slept here

Sarah and Bram left immediately after breakfast. Nicky turned up soon after 4 o'clock and we had fried crumpets for tea.

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