Thursday, 22 March 2012

Week of 16 July 1951

Wednesday, 18 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
After tea I went to Mabel where I met Jeremy Pemberton and his fiancée Gay Fison, also Mr AJ Morley, her solicitor and trustee.
Thursday, 19 July
After supper Bram rang up with news of loggerheadds between him and Pont. I rang up later to offer suggestions, but by that time things had moved further and it looks as if the whole thing was off!!
Friday, 20 July
Met Alice at Paddington at 7.30 as arranged, but the convent had idiotically sent her up by an earlier train plus all her luggage instead of just an attaché case as arranged. She looks well and has grown I think. She greatly enjoyed her supper. Reg rang up. Feeling poorly.

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