Friday, 23 March 2012

Week of 23 July 1951

Tuesday, 24 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa and James turned up about 12 à'clock. He is delightful. After an early lunch they went off by river to the Tower, and then on to Greenwich. Got back about 7 o'clock. Mabel arrived a bit later. We all went down to the Festival Gardens to see the fireworks (rather ordinary). Got back about midnight.
Wednesday, 25 July
Pippa, James and I went to Paddington station at 10.30 to meet Wilma and the temporary cook at Studley (Elizabeth), and a little later Nicky from Cheltenham. They all went to the Festival.
I rang up bet. Awly is still poorly - otherwise everything sounded more cheerful.
Thursday, 26 July
Went to Iona to hear Eric Howe lecture on Our Way of Life. One of his good ones.

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