Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Week of 9 July 1951

Monday, 9 July
47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend, Boxted
Erna came with me by bus to Liverpool St station to help me with my luggage. Hester met us there and she and I travelled down together as far as Colchester. Bram met me there and we picked up Anne and Sarah at the dentist. Bram has a stinker of a cold but I thought Hester, Anne and Sarah looking awfully well. A very nice and easy evening.

Boxted Church
Tuesday, 10 July
Boxted, Troughend
Bram and I drove over to Ringshall, arriving in time for lunch. Was met by Betty and the little boys, and Pont and Hester turned up soon afterwards. Very delighted with the house and grounds which has immense possibilities. We stayed for tea and drove back by the Pembertons. Daphne was up in town getting her dress for Jeremy's wedding, but Dick gave us drinks. We got back after 7 o'clock.
It was a very happy day.

Thursday, 12 July
Pont was over all day helping Bram finish 2 hen houses. Barnaby is in bed with ear trouble and the local doctor is giving him penicillin injections. Johnny also poorly with swollen glands which may be the start of German measles.
Friday, 13 July
Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Awly rang me up to say that she had passed in all subjects at the Polytechnic and come out first in French. She leaves London tomorrow.

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