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Week of 30 July 1951

Monday, 30 July 

Hamilton Terrace

Sarah slept here

I met Sarah at 11 o'clock at Liverpool St Station at 11 o'clock, and after lunch she and Erna went to the South Bank Exhibition. Terribly hot and crowded and a complete failure for Sarah. We only stayed about an hour and then went by boat to the Festival Gardens where we ate our fruit and sandwiches, and Sarah and Erna did one of the stunts. Sarah quite recovered her good spirits.

Tuesday, 31 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory

Erna came to Paddington to see us off by the 9.45 train to Oxford. Wilma met us there in their Daimler which I had not yet seen. Studley looking lovely but I was too tired to enjoy it much. Sarah, Jennie and Michael had a riding lesson after tea.

Wednesday, 1 August

Studley Priory

A lovely day. I had to turn out of my room and Micky Bawtree gave me up his bedroom - a dear little attic leading out of the room where Sarah and Jenny are sleeping. They are getting on very well together.

Thursday, 2 August

Studley Priory - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Ray drove me in to catch the 10.45 train to London.

I rang up Anne this evening. She is keeping well and sounded cheery.

Friday, 3 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

I rang up Betty to get their news and heard that she and Pont were coming up tomorrow on business to see Roddy and would come on here afterwards.

Saturday, 4 August

Bet and Pont turned up about 4.30, having been to see Roddy about trust money. They said he was awfully nice and helpful and were obviously cheered. We had a great talk about the girls' future. They enjoyed a very good tea and later a cold supper before catching a 7.30 train home. Later I rang up Troughend. Bram answered as Anne was in her bath. Nothing doing yet.

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