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Week of 6 August 1951

Monday, 6 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel, Hester and Susan Fane all came to lunch but none of them stayed very long. I had Hester up in my room afterwards and mooted my suggestion that she should take a secretarial course in Ipswich at my expense, but she turned it down for the moment, for what I think were sensible reasons. She was very grateful.

Thursday, 9 August

Hester arrived about 7 o'clock, tired and sleepy as she had not been in bed till 4 am. She goes home tomorrow, nothing fixed about her future, but she and Susan lead towards the Wrens.

Saturday, 11 August

Bram rang me up about 9.30 am to say that he was shortly driving Anne to the maternity hospital, and I haad a few words with her, very cheerful and composed.

9.15 pm. Bram just rang up. Just back from sitting with Anne. No baby yet but he hopes to give me news tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 August

Bram rang up at 8 am to say Anne had a son (Peter Harcourt Hessey) early this morning in the Colchester Maternity Hospital. Both doing well. We have been in constant telephone contact. He saw Anne this afternoon and thought he splendid and cheerful, and the baby very fine and has his (Bram's) crooked finger. He weighs 8 lbs 1 oz. Anne had to have 6 stitches.

Much family telephoning and wireless.

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