Thursday, 5 April 2012

Week of 27 August 1951

Sunday, 2 September

47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend

Mr Whittle and his fiancée Anne Sales called for me in a taxi and we caught the 10.30 train to Colchester. Bram and Sarah met me in the car. After a visit to the market we went on to Troughend, where a cold lunch was waiting. Anne looked splendid and Peter was a darling. Hester and Awly were both there. The christening was at 3 o'clock at Colchester. Three other babies being "done". Mr Whittle and Hester were godparents. Peter never uttered. Afterwards we paid a visit to the Convent. Then back for tea and christening cake.

Home at 9.30. Quite fresh. I greatly enjoyed my day.

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