Monday, 9 April 2012

Week of 10 September 1951

Tuesday 11 September

Awly slept here

Awly had her hair permed at Macarthurs in the morning, but after lunchwent down to a Knightsbridge hairdresser to have it altered. Later we went to see No Highway at the New Gallery Cinema. Quite good. Masses of telephoning in the evening  - including Wilma and Hester.

Thursday, 13 September

Awly slept here

Awly spent morning and afternoon looking for a dark green jumper and finally got an extremely pretty one at Dorothy Prkins, paid for by Lil's present. She got back in time to wear it when Dickie Olivier and Hester turned up for drinks.I liked him and Hester was greatly enjoying her time on his farm.

Bet rang up later, all well apparently there.

Friday, 14 September

Awly and I shopped like mad in the morning, eaties for Ringshall, and she was delighted at a little green hatwhich she had greatly admired yesterday at Selfridges and which I presented with her today. We had an early lunch and I went down with her to King's X and saw her off on the 2 o'clock bus.

Sunday, 16 September

Hester slept here

Hester arrived about 10 o'clock from Burnham. She had tea and told me a lot about her time with Dickie Olivier.

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