Monday, 9 April 2012

Week of 3 September 1951

Wednesday, 5 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester and Sarah arrived for lunch (Sarah had been to her dental clinic) and afterwards Hester took her to the boats in Regent's Park. After tea Hester went to Paddington to go to Burnham where she is staying with Dickie Olivier.

Bram turned up at 7 o'clock (he had been to see his mother who is ill) and after a very quick supper he and Sarah went off to catch the 8.30 train back to Colchester.

Friday, 7 September

Awly slept here

Awly arrived at 7.30. I thought she seemed well and in good spirits but was dead tired after her long bus journey, and went to bed immediately after supper.

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