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Week of 14 June 1954

Monday, 14 June

Grand Hôtel des Bain, Heist

A wet morning but cleared later. Monsieur Joseph drove us down to the station to catch the 11.45 train to Bruges. We lunched at a delightful open-air restaurant on the Grande Place and had very good omelettes. Afterwards we explored and spent some time in the Memling Museum, and also in Notre-Dame where there is a lovely Michelangelo statue of Madonna and Child. We tried to see too much and were very overtired by return, but it was worth it.

Tuesday, 15 June

A glorious summze day. We did not stir out of Heist, and greatly enjoyed spending most of it on the beach in deck chairs. A nice family post. I felt better than I have done yet after a very good night.

Wednesday, 16 June

A horrid wet day and we did not do anyrthing much and rested in the afternoon and had tea in our rooms. But it turned into a lovely evening and after dinner we drove by coach to Bruges. The flood-lighting was lovely but the carillon concert we thought disappointing and discordant. Got back about 11.30.

Thursday, 17 June

A fine morning and Mab was very sporting and left the hotel at 8 am on a day trip to Holland - Middleburg and Walcheren.

Saturday, 19 June

Mab woke with a horrid cold but in spite of it we decided to go to Ghent. Walked to the station and caught the 11.46 train changing at Bruges and arriving at 1 o'clock. Lunched at station buffet and also had tea there after seeing cathedral (with the Van Wyck picture of The Adoration of the Lamb) etc. Not an enjoyable day as Mab felt downright seedy and we were terribly hot. But the market and the Castle of the Knights were lovely. Got home about 7 o'clock very tired, and very sad as I left my spectacles behind somewhere.

Sunday, 20 June

Mabel speechless with a cold in her larynx but feeling less seedy than yesterday. In the afternoon Mab and I sat in the little garden square - a real suntrap - and I read The Wanderer's Way by Canon Raven. Then had tea outside in a restaurant nearby.

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