Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Week of 7 June 1954

Thursday, 10 June

47 Hamilton Terrace - Hotel des Bains, Heist, Belgium

Met mabel at Victoria, 9.15 am. Had reserved seats on boat train to Dover. No luggage opened at custome either side. Boat (Prince Albert) left at 12.20. Not a duck pond but with the help of Quells we were able to enjoy staying on deck, and had tea before landing at Ostend at 3.50. An hour's wait for our tram which was tedious. Reached Heist about 6.30. Hotel porter carried up pour luggage. Two nice adjoining rooms, second floor with balcony overlooking sea. Very pleased with everything.

Friday, 11 June

Grand Hôtel des Bains, Heist

In the morning we explored the place and went to Zoute where we had tea. Much more ? than this and much bigger. We like this best.

Saturday, 12 June

Spent a pleasant morning on the sea front but it turned very wet later. In spite of it we went after lunch on a motor tour of Bruges. The town looked most picturesque even in the rain, but it craves for sunshine.

Too much time spent in the Béguinage.

Sunday, 13 June

Mostly fine and a very pleasant day. I spent it entirely in Heist reading and writing, but Mabel trammed out to Zoute in the afternoon on a fruitless quest for a scarf.

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