Thursday, 1 November 2012

Week of 17 August 1953

Monday, 17 August

Elmhurst Farm

We went into Horsham in the morning as Reg had some chores, and we lunched at Kim. In the afternoon I picked a lot of sweet peas to take home tomorrow. After tea we went up to Hayer Hill to see the oats thrashed, and I sat on the top of the stack of bales and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We didn't get back till about 8 o'clock and then had a delightful last aperitif.

Wednesday, 19 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Both before and after lunch I watched the final test match at the Oval which I greatly enjoyed. The enthusiasm at England's win was spectacular. We have regained the Ashes for the first time for 20 years.

Friday, 21 August

After tea I walked down to the Odeon to see Danny Kaye in Hans Christian Andersen. Very charming but too long.

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