Thursday, 8 November 2012

Week of 7 December 1953

Monday, 7 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

Hester turned up for teatime, as nice as ever and not big, but looking white and puffy. Lovely to have her.

Tuesday, 8 December

Hester and Dickie slept here

Hester feeling fine and in good spirits and got through a wonderful lot of shopping. Jeremy had tea with us, and later on, Philippa and a young Oxford friend turned up for drinks. Dickie missed his train and turned up after 8 pm in the Land Rover.

Wednesday, 9 december

Hester not feeling so well this morning. I caught the 8.30 am from Liverpool St and Anne met me (and Betty) at Colchester. Anne wonderful and quite thin, but of course awfully tired. Paul is a very nice baby. Terrific work all the time (I did not share in it). I caught a 4.30 train back.

Thursday, 10 December

Bram rang me up at Liverpool St on his way down to Troughend. I rang Bet up later. She was back at Ringshall and said they had done all the work that could be done.

Friday, 11 December

Later rang up Troughend, my last telephone call I expect as they hope to get off tomorrow. Half the furniture packed already.

Sunday, 13 December

Did up some Christmas presents and phoned to Ringshall. Bet's new tenants had arrived and seemed nice. I also phoned Reg who is still feeling very seedy.

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