Thursday, 28 February 2013

Week of 11 July 1955

Monday, 11 July

London - Yorkshire

Caught the 11.45 from St Pancras to Leeds. Lunched and had tea in the train. Very hot and my cold made me feel seedy. Reached Skipton at 5.30 where Bram met me in the car. Arrived at Riversdale soon after 6 o'clock and was met at the gate by Anne and the 2 boys. Delighted by everyone and everything. Home, garden, views - all dar nicer than expected. All so noce barring very cold. Went to bed immediately after supper.

Tuesday, 12 July

Riversdale, Long Preston, Skipton

A divinely beautiful day. Everything would be so nice were it not for this cold. I did not get up till nearly lunch time, and then rested again till which we had out on the lawn.

Long Preston

Wednesday, 13 July

Slept well with disprin and my cold is past the drowning stage but I still felt rotten. Anne has one of her migraines but is carrying on.

Thursday, 14 July

Another lovely day. Anne and I both better but Anne far from right and did not get up till after elevenses. Mrs Fevraby? very kind and usedul. We both improved as the day wore on and after supper took us on a gorgeous drive to Slaidburn - a lovely village. The sunset was superb.


Friday, 15 July

After lunch I walked to post letters and explored village. After a very early tea Bram drove us to Haworth to see the Brontë Museum. Hell for leather and hair-raising and we only got there 10 minutes before the place closed. Most interesting. Afterwards we drove to Bolton Abbey and missed our way. Dined at Devonshire Arms Hotel - very expensive and rather a coup manqué. Too tired to see the abbey properly but it was lovely. So was the drive home in the sunset.


The Devonshire Arms

Bolton Abbey

Sunday, 17 July

Yorkshire - London

A lovely morning which I spent out of door and Mrs Ferraby took photos of us. We all drove to Hellifield Station to catch the 2.30 train to London but it was an hour late and I did not get to St Pancras till 10.30. Very hot in the train and I reached home exhausted. House felt terribly stale and airless after Riversdale.

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