Saturday, 9 March 2013

Week of 18 July 1955

Wednesday, 2O July

47 Hamilton Terrace

I was resting when Pips rang up to say she was in London and would come round for tea. Every time she comes now, I feel how soon she will be leaving for Pakistan, and it makes me feel very sad. She was going on to meet Oswald and they were having supper with an Old Blue.

Thursday, 21 July

Very busy arranging flowers and all the preparations for the party. The house looked its best. I think everyone enjoyed themselves but I wish there could have been more people. There were 11 ald told. The Edward Hallidays, the Kenneth Greens, James and Awly, Philippa and Gerry Redfern, Floral Campbell, Mabel and self.

A lovely evening though not actually sunny. Philippa and Gerry went back with A and J to their flat.

Saturday, 23 July

I spent the afternoon with Enid. When I got home she rang me up to say I had taken away her spectacles! She insisted on coming out herself to pick them up and arrived about 9 o'clock, and enjoyed sitting on the loggia, drinking tomato juice ad having an intimate talk. I sent her back in a taxi. It was the first night of the Proms and I had been listening to Moisewitch pmaying the Emperor Concerto.

Sunday, 24 July

Bet, Alice and Sarah slept here

Bet, Alice and Sarah turned up with James and Awly soon after 10.30. J and A only came in for a moment and afterwards we all went straight to bed. Sarah dossed down on the drawing room sofa.

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