Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Week of 4 July 1955

Monday, 4 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa turned up for lunch and went back to 62 over the way to complete her sitting with Edward Halliday. Later she phoned me to come over and see the drawing. I was delighted with it. We found Nicky here when we came back and they had a hurried tea before dashing off for more shopping. Rang up Reg in evening to tell him the tickets were all right for The Lark on Thursday.

Wednesday, 6 July

Went with Mabel to see a possible flat at Kensington Court and then on to see Awly's flat. Very nice. Gave her lunch at The Rice Bowl in Pelham St. Very good. She came on with me to Peter Jones where I got toys fro the Brammall children.

A lovely summer day and a very happy one. I met Reg at Victoria at 11.45 and we went to the Cypriot Restaurant in Wigmore St where we had quite a delightful lunch out of doors. Then drove to the Lyric Hammersmith to see Dorothy Tutin in The Lark. We were tremendously pleased with it; unfortunately Reg had to leave just before the end for an interview in the City. To my great amazement he turned up unexpectedly for supper as he had missed his train home.

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