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Week of 20 June 1955

Monday, 20 June

Hôtel de l'Univers, Dieppe

A fine day and we went our several days this morning and enjoyed ourselves. After lunch I moved across to Mabel's room and she to mine. After tea we found a sheltered spot on the beach and really felt at last that we were by the sea, and Mabel settled down to her composing.

After dinner we walked down the front and saw the most lovely imaginable sunset over the sea.

Tuesday, 21 June

Felt a wretched shape all day after only about 3 hours sleep.

In the afternoon we took a taxi to Pourville where we had tea - a very one-horse place now. The drive then drove us to Puys at the other end of Dieppe. A prettier beach and an interesting memorial to the Canadian commandos who tried and failed to stoerm the cliffs here.

Puys: Canadian War Memorial. Claude Monet: Rising Tide at Pourville. Pourville

Wednesday, 22 June

Mabel had a disaster with her bidet in the early hours which worked havoc in the room underneath, but the proprietors were kindly. A nice letter from Reg. We did nothing of note but it was a happy day for both of us.

Thursday, 23 June

In the afternoon we both packed up our suitcases which we are leaving at the Gare Maritime here tomorrow before starting for our complicated journey by rail and bus to Chartres.

Friday, 24 June

Dieppe - Chartres

A gorgeous day for our departure. We were up early and I took our two suitcases down by taxi to the Gare Amaritime to pick up next Wednesday. Paid hotel bills and left by taxi midday to take train to Rouen - third class only but electric and most comfortable. Taxied from there to gare routière and had a rather exhausting 2 hours before leaving for 4 hours in autobus to Chartres. Very jolting and Mabel felt very sick part of the time. Arrived here at 8 and were delighted with our first impressions of Chartres. After a nice meal at the Restaurant Macé, walked to the cathedral which was floodlit and quite staggeringly beautiful.

Saturday, 25 June

Hotel de l'Ouest, Chartres

Lovely day but not such a scorcher as yesterday. Both slept well. Water cold and breakfast butterless but we are quite satisfied with our auberge. Cashed cheques in the morning before going to cathedral. Glass far less brilliant than I had expected but lovely and the whole building likewise. Lunched at a pleasant restaurant in the Station Square, then rested before having tea in a place looking out on the cathedral. Then went our several waysn cathedral, public gardens, etc, sawthe sunset through the windows. Dined chez Cazalis (nothing like as super as made out). Came back to hotel without waiting to see the cathedral floodlit as we were very tired.

Sunday, 26 June

We spent the morning exploring the cathedral - lunched at a rather pleb restaurant near the station. Mabel not feeling up to much. I met her for tea at the Hôtel de France - outside tea and toast - very nice. Then the cathedral again and dined at the pleb restaurant, and sat out afterwards watching the passers by. Very pleasant.

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