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Week of 27 June 1955

Monday, 27 June

Chartres - Rouen

A cool bright morning. We packed and paid a parting visit to the cathedral, each on our own as usual. Lunched chez Mazi. Our departure was rather nerve-wracking as a surly taxi driver refused to take us up to the Gare Routière, but a friend of the patronne drove us up in his car and we got off on the autobus at 3.40, arriving Rouen 7.15. I forgot one of our packages but Mabel luckily remembered it whilst i was getting the taxi to take us to Hôtel Astrid. We have two adjoining rooms on the sixth floor. Dined at La Grillade next door. Very good.

Tuesday, 28 June

Hôtel Astrid, Rouen

Woke to glorious sunshine (after poor nights). Visited cathedral, St Maclou and St Omer and were horrified at the damage. Only one tiny portion of the cathedral is open to the public. Lunched on the roof garden of La Cinérama - gorgeous view and very good food. Our insides very disturbed this afternoon. Visited St Patrice after a disappointing tea and then took a short taxi tour of the town and incidentally bought chocolates. Dined again at La Grillade but Mabel only took soup.

Wednesday, 29 June

Rouen - London

Left by train for Dieppe at 10.30. Collected our luggage at the gare maritime, passed through the douane without any difficulty and left in The Brighton for Newhaven..Rather choppy but we took Quells and did not suffer. Tea in train but Mab  did not feel much like it.

I got home at 7 o'clock. An empty house as both tenants were out. Much telephoning and unpacking and lots of letters to read.

Thursday, 30 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept well but felt very tired and did not hurry up. Clara at her best. Lunched with Lil who seemed smlendid at first but quickly got tired. Home for tea having left my umbrella in the bus!! Awly and James turned up later for drinks.

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