Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Week of 1 August 1955

Tuesday, 2 August

47 Hamilton Terrace - The Farm

Bet and Barnaby slept here

Bet and Barnaby turned up about 12 o'clock till they left for agent, tea with Enid, film etc. I left immediately afterwards to catch train for Horsham where Reg met me. After tea I unpacked and rested till our very pleasant aperitif in the drawing room. Reg not feeling very well.

Wednesday, 3 August

Elmhurst Farm

Reg drove me to CH but did not come in. I found Pounce and Nicky in the throes of packing. P and O were in Horsham but got back for lunch and James turned up in his uniform about 3.30 from his camp in Norfolk.

Pips drove me back here about 7 o'clock. It has been a happy day, though of course a sad one too. Reg very tired but we had a pleasant talk over our aperitif. I rang up Bet at the Hamilton and heard of Johnny's safe arrival.

Sunday, 7 August

I went up to the office in the evening, and Reg discussed the pros and cons of keeping on with my investment book, and we agreed I could scrap it. A great relief.

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