Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Week of 25 July 1955

Monday, 25 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

A lovely day. Bet took the children off after breakfast to see Awly's flat and then they all went down the river to Greenwich where they had a snack lunch. Then to Madame Tussaud and got back for a latish tea. Later they went to the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park to see The Tempest.

Tuesday, 26 July

Bet saw Alice and Sarah off at St Pancras at 9 o'clock and then came back for an hour or so before meeting Barnaby at Paddington. She told me that she had decided to go out in Pont in October for one last try and will take Alice with her. The news made me awfully sad but was not altogether a surprise.

Wednesday, 27 July

In the evening went over to the Hallidays party over the way. A large party and plenty of drink including champagne. I did not know a soul so did not enjoy it. Sir Edmund Hillary of Everest was there.

Thursday, 28 July

Pippa and Nicky had an early lunch here and then went off shopping. Pippa was delighted with the stole at Marshalls and got it as my present. Oswald turned about 5.30 and enjoyed a glass of cider. They arrived soon after 4 and about 6.30 went off to acocktail party and then on to dine with the Oliver Graces. All three lookede tired but all three so awfully nice. Pippa and Oswald are unlikely to be at the Hamilton agan before going to Pakistan.

Sunday, 31 July

Bet rang up. She and Barnaby will come up on Tuesday morning  as Johnny is arriving at London Airport on Wednesday morning.

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