Thursday, 21 March 2013

Week of 8 August 1955

Monday, 8 August

Elmhurst Farm

Reg drove me over to CH at 12 o'clock and dropped me at the school gates. Pippa and Philippa turned up soon afterwards. Everyone much too busy for talk  but I was very glad to be able to watch all the goings-on.

Bessie came over to say goodbye to me. Her mother is dying. Pippa and the girls dropped me at the Farm about 6 o'clock on their way to Billinghurst for a hair do. I felt very tired and sad. Reg very kind and understanding.

Tuesday, 9 August

Elmhurst Farm - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg dropped me at Horsham for the 11.40 train. Comfortable journey. Got back to an empty house and lunched down at Clifton Road. Pippa's portrait looks very well here and the CH flowere are lovely.

Friday, 12 August

After lunch met Betty, Alice, Barnaby and Johnny at St Pancras on their way home from Yorkshire and drove with them to Liverpool St and saw them into their train for Stowmarket.

Saturday, 13 August

Mabel came out here for a rest and tea before we taxied to the Cambridge Theatre to see The Reluctant Debutante. Awfully funny and well acted

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