Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Week of 12 September 1955

Monday, 12 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went and got a Vibraphone Ear Aid at 120 Wigmore St, and also exchanged my magnifying glass at Davies Keeler, 47 Wigmore St.

Wednesday, 14 September

Anne slept here

After lunch went to King's X station to meet Anne and Sarah, but muffed it as they arrived at St Pancras. However, I followed them to Victoria and saw Sarah into the train for Hove where she is visiting a school friend. Anne had a rendez-vous with Grattan's sister Sheila, so I came home and she arrived later and we had a very nice evening together.

Thursday, 15 September

Anne slept here

Anne went off for a morning's shopping and I met her at Selfridge's and we lunched together at Plato's in Wigmore St. James and Awly dined here, and it went extremely well and I think they all enjoyed it though I felt tired and still very deaf, but I sometimes think the Vibrophone is making me a little less so.

Friday, 16 September

Awly rang me up in the evening to say how much they had enjoyed themselves yesterday. They brought out Philippa's typewriter.

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