Monday, 25 March 2013

Week of 5 September 1955

Monday, 5 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went to find out about the Vibraphone ear-aid in Wigmore St and think I will probably gamble on one. Lunched with Lil in bed and thought her better despite a sleepless night and a lot of pain in her wrist. Then on to tea with Mabel - also in bed! She had had to put off going down to Reg today as she was seedy with a temp, but she hopes to get off tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 September

47 Hamilton Terrace - Ringshall

A satisfactory morning as I managed to get a nice white cardigan for Hester at John Lewis (6th attempt!). After lunch I packed and rested before driving to Liverpool St where I arrived far too early for the 5.30 train to Stowmarket. Bet and the boys got into the train at Ipswich and we arrived here about 7.30. 

Wednesday, 7 September


Barnaby fell of his bike into a bed of nettles. [I remember this!]

Thursday, 8 September

Ringshall - Hamilton Terrace

Dick Pemberton came over in the morning. I went home by the 4.38 train. Bet and the boys drove over to Stowmarket with me.

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