Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week of 22 August 1955

Monday, 22 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne, Peter and Paul slept here

Busy all day preparing for the Bramall party. They arrived about 1.30 and we had a super cold lunch and then the children rested till teatime. Afterwards Anne nad Bram took the little boys to see the Witts? and after supper they took Sarah down to Awly where she is sleeping. Sarah had a touch of the sun yesterday and is not quite fit, but is looking so pretty and nice.

Tuesday, 23 August

I think the hottest day yet. The Brammall party drove off at 9.45 and arrived at 7 o'clock after a very good run, and she had just been ringing up Pippa. Everything sounded very cheerful. Rang up Bet tonight and learnt that she and Alice are coming up tomorrow cheap day.

Wednesday, 24 August

Wilma turned up at 10.30. We had a very happy time together and a nice lunchat Plato's in Wigmore St. Afterwards we bussed down to S Ken where she left me to go and see Jo Bawtree in the chest hospital. Bet ra,g me up this evening from Liverpool St on her way with Alice to Langford Grove and again this evening on her return.

Friday, 26 August

Pippa rang me up in the evening to say goodbye from Yorkshire and I had a word with Oswald and Philippa too - also with Arthur Ryder. All well but very tired.

Saturday, 27 August

This is the day the Fleckers sailed from Liverpool in the Circassia for Karachi

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