Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week of 29 August 1955

Gran at Riversdale, Yorkshire (thank you, Sarah!)
Monday, 29 August
47 Hamilton Terrace - Notley Mead
Hester and Louise met me at Aylesbury and we had a cup of coffee before driving out to Notley. The new wing is charming and I had a delightful room, and I find the whole layout very attractive.
After lunch I rested and then we drove over to Studley for tea and had a very nice time with Wilma. The weather, which had been mournful in the morning, turned lovely in the afternoon. Nicky wrote me a long account of the Fleck's departure on Saturday.
Driveway to Notley Abbey
Tuesday, 30 August
Notley Mead - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Had a delightful day sitting out in the garden, and Hester and Louise drove me to Aylesbury in time (but only just in time) to catch the 6.18 up to London.
Vivien Leigh came over after tea and sat in the garden discussing the order for Christmas bulbs, and I also saw "Larry" just for a moment.
Wednesday, 31 August
Mabel lunched here and afterwards we went to St James' theatre where Hester had given us front row stalls for Separate Tables by Rattigan. I was disappointed and heard only about half but Mabel was enthusiastic. Afterwards we sat in St James' Park a little. After supper Bets rang me up and I have arranged to go down there next Tuesday for a couple of nights.
Saturday, 3 September
After supper I rang up Hester and heard that she and Alice had been up in town yesterday, and had been very successful in getting A's school outfit.
This is Philippa's 21st birthday.

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