Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Week of 3 October 1955

Monday, 3 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet slept here

Bet went off early about passports, etc, met Awly and they shopped and lunched out together.

Tuesday, 4 October

Bet slept here

Bet out early to buy shoes etc and I get something for lunch. Awly came out for it. She and Awly went off about 3 o'clock. Bet was going off to have supper with them and they were all three going on to the Cambridge Theatre to see The Reluctant Debutante. I was standing the tickets.

Wednesday, 5 October

Bet slept here

A cold grey day and poured in the evening. We had a fire and it was very pleasant. Bet bought me bulb bowls at the Edgware Road Woolworth's in the morning and planted them for me in the evening. We shopped together in the morning and Awly met us eventually in Piccadilly, and we all three lunched at Simpsons.

Thursday, 6 October

Bet slept here

Bet was having lunch with Roddy at the Savoy and afterwards shopped and did not get back till nearly 7 o'clock.

Sunday, 9 October

Reg slept here

Reg turned up about 6 o'clock. A very pleasant evening. Lil wonderfully well after a good night, and greatly enjoyed lunching with Roddy and Jeremy at the St James' Club.

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