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Week of 12 March 1956

Monday, 12 March
Villa Potenza, Tripoli
We had a very nice morning in the town, shopping, coffee and BOAC to see about possible alternatives for my return journey. Nothing doing. After lunch the wind got up. We went to the links and Pont played 9 holes whilst Bet and I had a lovely walk on the beach. Much too windy to have tea on the beach so we had it in the Club House. Pont dined in the mess, and Bet and Joy West went to their Italian class, and afterwards we all 3 had scrambled eggs by the drawing room fire.
Wednesday, 14 March
We had one of our pleasant mornings in town. In the afternoon Pont drove us to Prinn Barracks where he had to work and then Bet took me on a delightful drive in the Benghazi direction. We got out twice - once to look at a gorgeous view of the bay, and once to walk up to a raspberry-coloured dismantled Italian chapel where we picked a lovely bunch of a flowering shrub - a cross between mimosa and eucalyptus. Home to tea. Altogether a happy day.
Thursday, 15 March 
Went down with Bet to the "suq" and bought Johnny a key chain for his penknife and on to BOAC; decided that to return by BEA, which Bet had rather urged, would be too tiring. In the afternoon B and P played golf and I was very tempted to go and sit on the beach for the weather was glorious, but felt done in so rested instead and had tea on the loggia. Changed into a black dress in the evening as Colonel and Mrs Skeats were to come to drinks, but he is ill and has had to go to hospital, and Pont was very busy making ambulance arrangements etc.
Friday, 16 March
We paid second visit to the market which I greatly enjoyed and bought local baskets for me to give Anne and Wuff. In afternoon drove to links where I sat outside the Club House where Bet and Pont and Mrs Hobson played 9 holes. We had tea there and walked a little on the beach and greatly enjoyed it. After Bet's Italian lesson we drove down to Le Lanterne and had an excellent Italian dinner (my show) which we all enjoyed - a happy and easy party. Some rain, and the wadi has flooded again. Pont drove Mrs Skeats and Malcolm to see Col. Skeats in hospital.
Saturday, 17 March
A really horrid day. Blowing a gale, cold and wet and sunless. We went down town in morning and bought cigarettes to give Ussef. Stayed indoors till about 7 pm when Bet drove us down to the harbour in spite of the rain and we walked along to the castle. The sea was a fine sight and we felt the better for the air. Pont was orderly officer and slept at the barracks.
Sunday, 18 March
Major West drove me and Robert to the garrison church and Pont came and fetched us afterwards. He then went off to the Wheelus American airfield and bought himself a golf club as my present to him. He is very pleased with it. After lunch we went to the links. Pont played golf and Bet and I lay out on the beach and walked to the edge of the sea to the tunny fish factory; later we had tea on the beach, joined by Joy West, Robert, Joanna and Johnny. Altogether a very pleasant day. 

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