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Week of 13 August 1956

Tuesday, 14 August
47 Hamilton Terrace
Fine and dry. Lil is 83 today and she and Mab both came out to lunch.In the morning I heard from Dickie that Hester had had a daughter last night at 11.15 pm - only 3 hours after reaching hospital. A small baby (a fortnight premature). Dr Chasser Muir, gynaecologist, delivered it. Vivien Leigh had had a miscarriage that morning and Hester had been with her all day which may have brought on her own labour.
Wednesday, 15 August
Awly came to an early lunch and left Jamie here while she went for a hairdo. He was as good as gold. We rang up Dickie this evening and the report of Hester was much better. There had been no blood transfusion but she was having intravenous injections of haemoglobia. James came in for drinks.
Thursday, 16 August
No further news of Hester.
Maud Wethered came to lunch and later, in spite of downpours, drove me to the Victoria and Albert where we saw the Coventry Cathedral stained glass windows. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Opening of the Suez Conference.
Friday, 17 August
A welcome letter fro Hester in her usual lovely handwriting, though she spoke of turning giddy if she sat up in bed for long. After an early lunch I met Mab at the Curzon at 1 o'clock for the French film Le Défroqué with Pierre Fresnay - magnificent. We had tea at Gunters afterwards.
Wilma rang up in the evening and told me she had ween Hester and Susan and thought they were both alright, except for Hester's anaemia, and they were still discussing giving her a blood transfusion.

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